1. What was the phrase you used in your search? List a high ranking Web site (URL) and its business name

'Long Island Tree Service' - I used google search and 'Looks Great Services' was the fourth result from the top. The first three were yellowpages, business service, and servicemagic. 'Looks Great Services' was the first actual business listed. their url is http://looksgreatservices.com

2. What types of product offerings does it have?

This business is in the 'property maintenance care' service industry which umbrellas landscaping, tree care, Christmas Lighting, storm disaster relief, and snow plowing

3. Based on its content, product or services who appears to be their chief target markets?

Their chief targets of marketing appear to be local homeowners and perhaps small local businesses

4. What are the site’s main content areas or features?

The site has devoted a page, or series of pages, to each facet of property care. The content includes descriptive text, testimonials, and image galleries

5. Does the web site have a sense of visual appeal and is it easily navigable?

Yes, i found this website to be clean and consistent, not confusing, and easy to navigate. Links are decorated cohesively throughout.

6. Does it offer some degree of interactivity or viral marketing (i.e. surveys, mailing lists to join, forms, refer a friend, e-postcards)? Other items like pdfs for download or enewsletters to subscribe to?

With the exception of a 'request for services quote' form, this site offors no iteractivity, downloadable pdfs, or enewsletters

7. Does it have some of the elements listed under “search engine friendliness features” in our text? (See Chapter 6). For example does it use frames, splash pages (both unfriendly) and contain relevant keywords (friendly feature)?

This site is definitely search engine friendly - no frames or splash - just cleanly coded html and css.

a. Review the site’s copy, page titles and hidden meta tags (keywords and description) to see if it is optimized for select keyword phrases.

Description - Looks Great Services, a Long Island, NY property maintenance company that provides tree care management, landscape maintenance, Christmas light decorating, storm disaster relief, and snow plowing services.

Keywords- tree care management, tree removal, stump grinding, tree work, landscape maintenance, Christmas light decorating, storm disaster relief, snow plowing, Looks Great Services, Long Island NY